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  • Apr 23

    Port Cape

    Cape Girardeau

  • Apr 26

    Ciao Ristorante &

    Cape Girardeau

  • Apr 27

    River Ridge Winery


  • Apr 28

    Blue Sky Vineyard


  • Apr 30

    Port Cape

    Cape Girardeau

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13 songs total, including 6 originals. Many good friends and longtime band mates have contributed their time and talents to this album.  Most of the songs were recorded with guys that I've played music with for years. 

The core band consisted of:  Brad Graham (bass), ), Gary Nunnally (drums), Danny Rees (drums), Don Greenwood (congas), Ralph McDonald (saxophone), Les Lindy (harmonica), Kent Goodson (keyboard), Scott Bierschwal (keyboard).

Additional horns were added by: Cameron Phiffner (tenor saxophone), Darren Burgfeld (trombone), Billy Keys (trumpet).

Special appearance by The Melroys:  Greg Hopkins, Jordan Leiner and Mike Enderle


I am very proud of the album and truly hope you enjoy it!